Living Green


Living Green at the Olive 8

Olive 8 is a local leader in green building, and is the first hotel/condominium building in Seattle to receive a LEED Certification (Silver). Olive 8’s many cutting-edge, environmentally-friendly features result in 36% less water usage (an approximate savings of 2.4 million gallons per year) and 23% less power usage. Both Hyatt and Olive 8 have fully embraced a seamless green building ethos and sustainable practices. Olive 8’s developer is R.C. Hedreen Company, which in recent years has focused primarily on luxury properties including Seattle’s Grand Hyatt, Hilton and Madison Renaissance hotels.

Green Roof

  • One of the largest green roofs in Seattle, providing crucial urban habitat for birds, bees and butterflies.
  • The green roof reduces storm water runoff to city sewers, as well as the amount of pollution entering local rivers, streams and Puget Sound.

Water + Energy

  • Plumbing fixtures conserve water yet look and function like conventional fixtures.
  • Low-chemical mechanical water system lowers potable water usage.
  • Estimated water savings of 2.4 million gallons per year.
  • Energy Star-rated appliances use less energy and water.
  • Green energy credits purchased by Olive 8 will primarily be used to support the development of wind farms.

Sustainable Practices

  • More than 96% of construction waste was diverted through recycling dfd or re-use.
  • Comprehensive ongoing recycling/re-use program.
  • Green housekeeping practices standard.
  • Green dry cleaning services provided through the hotel.

Air + Light

  • Low- or no-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) finishes do not off-gas cvv and provide for healthier indoor air.
  • Non-smoking throughout the hotel and all public areas.
  • Over 75% access to daylight in regularly occupied areas.
  • 90% of regularly occupied spaces have views to the outside.