Right at the heart of downtown

Olive 8’s neighborhood is ideal for busy professionals who want the convenience of living close to amenities such as restaurants, salons, taxicab service, car rentals, and banks, among many others. It’s also perfect for those trying to raise a family, since it’s within walking distance of schools like the nearby Kindercare, as well as parks where children can play. And for those who value communities for their culture and artistic venues, there is the Paramount Hotel, which regularly puts on Broadway musicals, concerts, and other fine entertainment events. There’s even plenty to offer for those who are trying to live more greenly and reduce their carbon footprint. In addition to being right “in the middle of everything” so that residents don’t have to drive a car, the Olive 8 complex also has an array of green features built into its design. Some examples include its 8,000-square-foot rooftop garden and energy-efficient air conditioning, heating, and interiors.

Easy access to multiple methods of transportation is one of the main factors that makes Olive 8 so green. Residents have very easy access to the Seattle streetcar, which stops at all sorts of attractions including restaurants, bars, businesses, and jogging/biking trails. The interstate is also just a few blocks away, and the Sound Transit station is just a couple blocks from the building as well. There is preferred parking for hybrid vehicles and highly fuel efficient vehicles, as well as electrical outlets for electric cars.